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Cleaning Services

1. Upholstery Cleaning
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Maintain the original qualities of your home furniture and protect your family by keeping them healthy through our professional upholstery cleaning Dubai services! Regular furniture cleaning prevents...
2. Deep Cleaning
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The home or office Deep Cleaning is the eminent move-in or move-out cleaning service usually requested by tenants at the beginning or end of a tenancy contract. Existing homes may also require Deep Cl...
3. Tank Cleaning
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Water tank cleaning in Dubai is extremely important. Your water tank must be kept clean all the time because of serious health concern. Book our water tank cleaning Dubai service to eliminate bacteria...
4. Steam Cleaning
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Our steam cleaning Dubai services cover a wide range of applications. For those who are not familiar, steam cleaning is an eco-friendly technology that has been adopted by a large number of nurseries,...
5. Pool Cleaning
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If you own a private pool, The best way to keep it sanitized and clean is by hiring the McKleenz pool cleaning services Dubai team. Swimming in hygiene uncontaminated water may require regular pool cl...