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Premium Mattress Cleaning in Dubai

Over time, mattresses are prone to harbor countless impurities in absence of a quality service from our Mattress cleaning Dubai based team of professionals. 

Mattresses must be treated on a regular periodic basis to avoid permanent damage of the membrane fibers. Our mattress cleaning method utilizes innovative equipment tackled by a dedicated team of hygiene experts. We highly recommend that mattress cleaning be taken seriously, without which one may end up suffering from serious allergies and skin irritation symptoms.

Generally, we provide two options for mattress cleaning. Depending on the existing mattress condition we may recommend the wet method or the dry method.

For periodic maintenance that keeps mattresses free from dust, dust mites, bed bugs and foreign organisms we recommend the dry method. The wet mattress cleaning method is only recommended in cases were deep stains are observed or where the mattress has not been maintained over a very long period of time. Wet cleaning may require a day to completely dry and is only recommended in extreme cases.

The most common Dry Mattress Cleaning Dubai Residents Need to Maintain Excellent Mattress Hygiene

Dry mattress cleaning is performed in 2 major steps.

  • Initially the mattress cleaning kicks off with deep vacuuming using a high speed industrial vacuum machine. The Mattress Cleaning experts demonstrate the extracted impurities using black filters. The process is repeated until no further impurities can be observed on the filters at which point the mattress is considered to be free from foreign particles and ready for the second step.
  • The second step utilizes dry steam sanitizing at 180 degrees Celsius eliminating any viruses, allergens or bacteria that may be residing within the fabric pores. This step also eliminates any musky odors leaving your mattress as fresh and clean as new.

Here's How Wet Mattress Cleaning Dubai Residents Recommend is Performed

Wet mattress cleaning is performed using a powerful extractor machines which inject detergent deep into the fabric pores and extracts simultaneously at high speed:    

  • The mattress cleaning kicks off by deep vacuuming using a high speed industrial vacuum machine
  • Using the most advanced technology, a German extractor machine is used to inject special odorless detergent deep into the fabric pores and to extract it simultaneously and repeatedly at high speed

It is advisable to request our mattress cleaning Dubai services at least once a year. This prevents the formation of mold, fungus and bacteria and ensures that your room will always smell nice and your bed will always feel fresh.

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