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Mattress Cleaning in Dubai 


Ever wondered how to clean a mattress? Our Mattress cleaning Dubai service is what every home needs and is performed by our dedicated team of professional cleaners. The mattress cleaning is performed using a powerful extractor machines which injects detergent deep into the fabric pores and extracts it simultaneously at high speed:    

  • The mattress cleaning kicks off by deep vacuuming using a high speed industrial vacuum machine
  • Using the most advanced technology, a German machine is used to inject special odorless detergent deep into the fabric pores and to extract it simultaneously and repeatedly at high speed
  • The fabric is then sprayed with non-chemical disinfectant to kill any viruses and to prevent mold formation and to subsequently prevent any bad odors.

It is advisable to request our mattress cleaning Dubai services at least once a year. This prevents the formation of mold, fungus and bacteria and ensures that your room will always smell nice and your bed will always feel fresh.