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Sofa Cleaning Service in Dubai

McKleenz provides the most effective and professional sofa cleaning service in Dubai. Performed right at the comfort of your home using the most innovative equipment and detergents, our sofa cleaning methods are adopted depending on the upholstery which could be either natural or synthetic. Natural fabric categories are generally Chenille, Jute, Cotton, Leather (top grain, full grain, split, treated), Wool, Silk, Linen or Velvet. Synthetic upholsteries on the other hand are generally, Faux leather, Rayon, Polyester, Microfiber, Nylon or Olefin.

To ensure optimum sofa cleaning results, our cleaning experts apply the appropriate methodology after inspecting the sofa upholstery. The following are some of the sofa cleaning strategies which may be performed depending on the prescribed criteria:

  • Thorough vacuuming using an industrial grade vacuum system to pick up dust mites, dirt, fine dust & skin flakes from within the deepest layers.
  • Applying stain removal compounds (made in USA or Germany) to eliminate even the most stubborn marks.
  • Steaming to eliminate deep stains and to disinfect.
  • Dual injection/extraction upholstery shampooing which involves simultaneous injection and extraction of special shampoo solution deep into the fabric pores.
  • Safe leather treatment and conditioning using advanced equipment.

All our sofa cleanings conveniently take place at the comfort of your home or office without the need disassemble or remove any of your sofa elements. McKleenz provides dry or wet sofa cleaning options depending on the requirement.

Deep Stain Removal – Wet Sofa Cleaning

If your sofa suffers from deep stains then it is recommended to have a wet cleaning. As described earlier the wet cleaning involves deep shampooing using an advance injection/extraction technology which tackles even the deepest stains.

Sanitizing and Refreshing – Dry Sofa Cleaning

This type of sofa cleaning is essential to eliminate allergens, musky odors and dust mites and is recommended at least twice a year in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Your sofa need not be stained for you to book the service. Many of our customers go for the sofa cleaning service to maintain, to refresh and to eliminate bad odors.

On a last note, our sofa cleaning is extremely professional and guaranteed to leave your sofa fresh, clean and vibrant. Sofa cleaning should be performed at least once a year to prevent accumulation and infestation of unwanted dust mites, germs and microbes.