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Trusted Steam Cleaning in Dubai 

Our steam cleaning meets a wide range of applications. Steam cleaning is a chemical-free procedure and therefore an eco-friendly technology that has been adopted by a large number of nurseries, health institutes, and hospitals due to its proven ability to eliminate up to 99.99% of all viruses, fleas, and bacteria, all of which pose a great threat to you and your children’s health. Unlike conventional cleaning methods, steam cleaning uses water, which is heated and released in the form of dry water vapor at 180°C.

Steam Cleaning Options to choose from:

  • Bathroom 
  • Kitchen 
  • Bedroom 
  • Master Bedroom

Why get the McKleenz steam cleaning in Dubai?

  • Safe to sanitize your floors, walls, and counters leaving no chemical residues behind.
  • Steam cleaning surpasses conventional cleaning and delivers a thorough and guaranteed sanitation effect.
  • Kills insect infestations and eliminates all types of allergens from fabrics, and is therefore highly recommended for people with asthma.
  • Effective for eliminating stubborn stains, grease, and residue without the need for harsh chemicals that may damage costly surface finishes.

Where can steam cleaning be applied safely?

  • Vinyl, hardwood, tiled floors, walls and grouts
  • Rugs, carpets, mattresses, pillows, cushions, sofas and curtains.
  • Windows, mirrors, bathroom sanitary (toilets, bowls, sinks, bathtubs) and shower floors.
  • Pet areas.
  • Gyms, nurseries, restaurants, clinics and hospitals.
  • Kitchen appliances include refrigerators, ovens, stove-tops, barbecue grills, and kitchen hoods.
  • Children's toys and stuffed animals.
  • Cabinetry, drawers, and wardrobes.

At Mckleenz, We provide professional steam cleaning services to help you achieve a deep, thorough, and hygienic clean for your home or office. With our advanced steam cleaning techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure exceptional results and a healthier living environment.

Why Choose Our Steam Cleaning Service?

Steam cleaning is a very effective and environmentally friendly method with many benefits. Here's why you should contact Mckleenz for your steam cleaning needs:

Expertise and Experience:

Our team of experienced cleaners is trained in the art of steam cleaning. We have extensive knowledge of various surfaces and materials, allowing us to apply the appropriate techniques and achieve outstanding results.


Advanced Steam Cleaning Equipment:

We invest in the latest steam cleaning equipment that utilizes high-temperature steam to eliminate dirt, grime, and bacteria. Our powerful machines penetrate deep into surfaces, effectively sanitizing and refreshing your space.


Eco-Friendly Approach:

Steam cleaning is a chemical-free cleaning method that uses only water and heat. By opting for steam cleaning, you contribute to a greener environment by reducing the use of harsh chemicals and minimizing waste.


General hygiene:

Our steam cleaning service covers a variety of areas including carpets, upholstery, tiles and grout, mattresses, curtains, and more.

We tailor our services to your specific needs, ensuring a thorough and personalized cleaning experience.


Our Steam Cleaning Process:

When you choose Mckleenz for steam cleaning, you can expect a meticulous and efficient process designed to deliver exceptional results.

Evaluation and Planning:

Our experts will assess your space, identify the areas that require steam cleaning, and develop a customized cleaning plan to address your specific needs and concerns.



We'll prepare the area by removing any furniture or obstacles that may obstruct the steam cleaning process. Our team takes care to protect surrounding surfaces and belongings to prevent any potential damage.


Steam Cleaning:

Using our advanced steam cleaning equipment, we'll apply high-temperature steam to the targeted surfaces, effectively loosening dirt, stains, and bacteria. The steam is then extracted, leaving behind clean and refreshed surfaces.


Spot Treatment:

For stubborn stains or heavily soiled areas, we provide spot treatment to ensure thorough cleaning and restore the original look of your carpets, upholstery, or other surfaces.


Drying and Final Inspection:

After the steam cleaning process, we'll ensure proper drying of the treated surfaces. Our team will conduct a final inspection to guarantee that every area has been cleaned to our high standards.

Revitalize your home or office with our professional steam cleaning service. Contact Mckleenz today to schedule an appointment and experience the exceptional results of steam cleaning. 

Experience the Benefits of Steam Cleaning Today! Book our reliable Steam Cleaning Dubai and enjoy a trusted and reliable service that is adapted by renowned institutions for its proven benefits.