Office Cleaning Dubai

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McKleenz provides premium office cleaning in Dubai, ensuring excellent appearance and representation at all times. We understand your exact requirements and ensure that all your needs are addressed professionally and that nothing is missed out. Our low-noise vacuums and tools ensure that your cleanings are carried out effectively with the least possible disturbance to on-going operations and work hours. Utilizing hygiene color-coded towels and bio-safe detergents to prevent cross contamination and to ensure the highest degrees of safety and prevention throughout the office cleaning process are just some of the unique attributes that makes McKleenz the most desirable office cleaning company in Dubai.



Availing our regular office cleaning in Dubai ensures a healthy, energetic and positive work environment. It ensures that employees do not suffer SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) alongside a number of other serious illnesses due to spending long hours within shared spaces. 

The regular cleaning service is available via monthly contracts tailored to meet your preferred days and timings. Regular housekeeping prevents embarrassment and maintains an impeccable reputation especially when valuable guests or visitors drop by.

The service is recommended at least twice a week for at least two hours (however depending on office area). 



Deep cleaning dubai ensures that areas that are not commonly addressed during regular cleanings are taken care off. This rather thorough cleaning is recommended at least twice a year to and must be scheduled outside work hours to avoid disturbance to existing work routine.

For questions or clarifications please email or dial toll free 800 KLEEN (55336).