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Annual Maintenance Contract in Dubai 

There are countless building maintenance companies who cater to all the home or Villa Maintenance residents needs on a regular basis. So, what makes McKleenz so special? Well to answer that briefly you have to take a closer look at how professional the technicians who perform the actual building maintenance services are and at how efficient they are at tackling the most challenging building maintenance issues.

Being a sister company to McMaster (one of the most prestigious electromechanical contracting companies in the UAE, that is operating in the UAE since 2009), McKleenz proudly carries the perfect engineering support and technical expertise to cater to all your building maintenance needs.

McKleenz is a premium quality facility management company offering a wide range of Annual Maintenance Contract options in Dubai and the UAE. There are many reason for why we are considered to be a reliable maintenance company dubai but mainly because we are capable of meeting all your Electrical Maintenance, Plumbing Maintenance, Fire Alarm Maintenance, Fire Fighting maintenance and AC maintenance.

In addition to our building maintenance and facility management options, McKleenz provides home and office owners with excellent Annual Maintenance Contract packages in Dubai. These packages are pocket-friendly and provides tenants and landlords with peace of mind and hassle-free quality maintenance services.

If you’re still wondering whether you should buy an Annual Maintenance Contract, think again. Your home needs no less maintenance than your car does! As time passes your home AC, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire systems deteriorate and therefore require preventive measures that include deep cleaning, lubrication and part replacements all of which could be covered via our comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract services.

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