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Our Marble Polishing Dubai team performs the most advance procedures to elevate the natural properties of your marble floors, walls and countertops. The floor polishing intensity we provide mainly depends on the existing condition of your marble surface. If your marble surfaces are extremely damaged, you may want to request a marble restoration service.

Professional Marble Polishing Intensity Levels

Our Marble polishing Dubai team applies procedures that aim to restore the natural brightness of the stone, particularly in situations where the marble floor is opaque or yellowed, such as when the marble is installed outdoors and exposed to constant atmospheric agents or direct sunlight.

Marble polishing is nothing more than the actual removal of the marble floor's worn-out top layer, which enables the creation of a new, uniform, smooth surface. Another marble polishing step called shining aims to bring back the stone's original luster and beauty, which may have diminished with time and repeated treading. Both terms are frequently used interchangeably.

A professional granite and marble polishing machine known as a "sander" with progressively finer-grained discs is used in the process of polishing marble, which combines the use of chemical products and abrasive machinery. A polished marble surface is achieved by adding chemical products during the final stage of marble polishing.

Therefore, polishing is both a finish applied by skilled marble technicians to achieve the traditional polished marble surface and a mechanical procedure carried out with the aid of a specialized polishing machine to restore the stone's original splendor and luster, which may have been dulled or lost with time and use. These are without a doubt, the best and recommended techniques for a proper marble polishing service in Dubai.

However, if there is a marble floor, wall covering, bathroom counter, or kitchen counter in slightly opaque marble, or if there are small areas that have lost their original luster, there are also tips and methods that are accessible to everyone that can be used to clean and polish the marble, or simply to revive the marble.

Prior to commencement our marble professionals take reading of the existing reflectivity. This is important to be able to demonstrate the improvement achieved upon completion of the polishing process.


McKleenz generally cater to 3 main polishing categories:

  • Basic Marble Polishing: This involves machine application of quality polishing compound to elevate the natural shine. This process does not tackle basic or deep marble problems such as scratches or marks and is only recommended for maintenance only.


  • Medium Marble Polishing: Involves wax stripping, basic grinding, crystallization and buffing. The process takes more time than basic polishing and involves greater detail to eliminate basic surface scratches or marks. This level of polishing is recommended for marble surfaces that suffer from mediocre scratches that are not deep.


  • Intense Marble Polishing: Is our highest level of polishing and usually tackles surfaces that are suffering from deep scratches and resilient marks. This level is usually recommended for areas that have been taken for granted and kept without maintenance for very long periods of time.

The intense polishing process involves the exact same steps as the medium polishing, with much more time spent on the grinding and crystallization steps.

The final and most important step followed by all our marble polishing Dubai professionals is to apply quality agents to protect the marble flooring natural state and to prolong its resistance for stains due to infiltration of impurities in future.


Common Marble Care Mistakes

Marble needs to be honed and polished carefully because it is both strong and delicate at the same time, which increases the likelihood that it will break.

In order to keep tiles looking spotless and lovely, homeowners who choose to refinish their home with marble stone flooring are required to be knowledgeable about the proper cleaning procedures before polishing.


The top ten mistakes made when cleaning marble prior to polishing it are listed below, along with suggestions for how to avoid them:


  • Avoid using a mop that is completely saturated to clean up spills or stains from marble tiles because this can cause water to leak from the cloth and become trapped between the marble's porous surfaces.


  • Instead of using a completely saturated mop to clean the marble flooring, try using one that is just damp. Use deionized water as well because it is less harmful to the surface of marble stones. Due to the porous nature of marble, liquids like wine, coffee, or juice can damage it, so it's critical to clean up spills as soon as possible to prevent permanent staining.


  • Marble is a porous stone that is susceptible to absorbing liquids and solvents because of its spongy structure. It is best to stay away from using cloth, mops, or sponges that have been dipped in waxy, oily, or wet materials because there is a very high chance that solvent residue will get absorbed into the stone's porous structure and result in long-term staining or discoloration.


  • As soon as something is spilled on your marble floors, it is best to clean them right away with a dry mop, cloth, or sponge. By better soaking up the spill and preventing long-term damage, using a dry cloth will also leave behind any moist residue that might otherwise seep into the stone's pores.


  • Never clean marble flooring with commercial cleaning products because they contain acids, alkalis, and other chemicals that could harm the porous structure of the natural stone. Common store cleaners are frequently very acidic, and a lack of alkalinity can make marble more prone to discoloration and significantly reduce the marble stone tiles' endurance strength.


  • Because they are extremely acidic or extremely alkaline and can completely and utterly destroy the surface of the marble tile, it is strongly advised against using grocery products like vinegar, milk, lemon, or ammonia for cleaning marble surfaces.


  • Rather than using homemade remedies, use proper cleaning products made specifically for cleaning marble flooring. In contrast to the former, DIY methods provide no guarantees at all, increasing the risk of damage. It is also much more difficult to repair permanently damaged marble stone flooring than it is to clean it.


  • Avoid solely using water to clean marble because doing so can cause the material to look drab and unappealing and reduce its durability.


  • To keep your marble floors looking as brilliant as possible, use non-acidic, alkaline, or preferably neutral solvents when cleaning them. Don't forget to switch between your preferred solvent choices occasionally.


  • If you don't treat your marble flooring after installation, it will be much more susceptible to damage and blemishes than marble that hasn't been sealed.


  • Sealing your marble flooring is highly recommended because it increases the marble's durability and reduces damage or staining from spills. Your marble floors will remain spotless if you regularly seal them with a high-quality sealant, which will also lengthen their lifespan. You might need to reseal your marble every three to six years to maintain the appearance of the stone, depending on the type of sealant used and the type of marble stone that was installed. It is advised not to overdo the sealing, though.


  • Because they weren't made for the job and won't aid in the proper stain removal, don't clean your marble flooring with abrasive materials or household cleaners. These substances will undeniably harm the stone in a way that will be obvious over time. For marble cleaning, household products like bathroom sprays and cleaners should be avoided.


  • Rather than choosing harsher alternatives that might permanently stain your marble tiles, use branded cleaners made especially for cleaning marble.


  • Polishing your marble floors is a must. Some homeowners don't think polishing their marble floors is necessary, but it is highly advised for a variety of reasons. Additionally, it should be remembered that over-polishing marble can be nearly as damaging as not polishing it at all.


  • Marble can look more vibrant after polishing, which also improves the stone's appearance and lessens how much it absorbs stains and spills. So, polishing your marble stone floors on a regular basis is essential if you want to keep up their exquisite appearance and shine. You have two options for the re-polishing: you can do it yourself or hire professionals from businesses that offer their knowledge and services.


  • Because marble is easily stained, the best way to keep it looking great is to be very diligent about cleaning up any spills, whether they are of coffee, juice, wine, or water. cleaning the marble floors with a dry, clean mop, cotton cloth, broom, or sponge.


Is it Time to Hire a Professional Marble Polishing Company in Dubai?

If your home or office marble floors are not as appealing as they used to be but you are still not sure, simply let us know and we’ll happily guide you on the best possible recommendation.


Marble Cleaning in Dubai

Marble is a natural stone with natural properties that exhibit natural beauty and therefore requires regular maintenance by a trusted marble cleaning service provider in Dubai in order for it to retain its natural beauty.

Being a tough and durable stone, marble can last forever, retaining its beauty particularly depends on how well it is handled and mainly on whether it is cleaned and maintained professionally and routinely. At McKleenz we focus our efforts not only to provide the highest cleaning services in Dubai but also to ensure that we provide the right expertise particularly when we come across precious finishes including marble stone. We have therefore adopted the best practises to ensure that our marble cleaning service surpasses your expectations.


Magical Marble Floor Restoration in Dubai

We aim to provide a special Marble Floor Restoration in Dubai to remedy major discoloration and extreme damages within your marble surfaces.

Marble floors are meant to leave positive impressions. Stained or damaged marble floors may be devastating and extremely disturbing.

Our marble polishing and restoration service is performed by a team of qualified and experienced technicians that are able to assess the exact problem and improvise on what needs to be done to restore your marble flooring. Several stages are performed with specific chemicals being utilized at every stage to tackle the problem and to restore the marble condition to the best possible state.

Get in touch with us today or book the desired marble cleaning service instantly via the McKleenz App. We look forward to serve you soon.

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