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Deep Cleaning Companies in Dubai 

Our dedicated deep cleaning team is equipped with the most advanced equipment to give you the highest quality deep cleaning service. Whether you are looking for a move-in cleaning or a move-out cleaning, your goal is to achieve the highest possible hygiene level in order to protect your family and children from the possible allergies and health risks due to contaminated surfaces and pollutants. We are offering cheap Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai. Our Deep Cleaning services will help you out in saving your time, effort and provides you with a clean environment. We utilize steam cleaning technology killing up to 99.99% of all germs and bacteria without leaving any chemical toxins on the surfaces and countertops.

Best Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai City Offers

  • Thorough dusting and vacuuming of entire space.
  • Deep Cleaning of all internal windows and window frames.
  • Grease removal from kitchen walls, counters and floors.
  • Thorough cleaning of all cabinetry and wardrobes.
  • Deep Cleaning of balcony and balcony rails.
  • Thorough cleaning of all floors.
  • Scale removal from bathroom tiles, bath, toilet, shower heads and taps.
  • Remove the dust and grime that builds up below and behind appliances.
  • Clean all socket and switch faceplates from tar and residues.
  • Steam sanitizing of bathrooms and kitchen.

Why you Need Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai

Deep cleaning for your house and office property is really important as the weather of Dubai remains hot in the whole year with a high rate of humidity which affects both internal and external parts of your property. Living in your sweet Bed Room, Cooking in your kitchen, Using your toilet on a daily basis, all these daily routine makes produce hidden trashes at your property. We provide you with the best cleaning services that will clean all areas of your home either it is visible or hidden our deep cleaning professionals will clean it from every part of your property. We Provide:

  • Full Villa & House Deep Cleaning
  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning
  • Bathroom Deep Cleaning
  • Office Deep Cleaning

Full Villa / House Deep Cleaning Services:

House & Villa Deep cleaning includes removing dust and mould from your bedroom, TV Lounge and all other parts of your home. Our professional deep cleaners clean all items of your house like Split AC's, Lights, Windows cleaning, Doors cleaning, carpet cleaning,Cupboards, LED, You decorative items that you placed in your shelves, ceiling fans, Garbage bins, Fans, carpet, Chairs, Tables, Beds, vent covers, etc. We are the best cheap Deep Cleaning companies in Dubai. If you need House or Villa Deep cleaning services just book our services online or give us a little call we will give you quick and general cleaning services in all over the UAE.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning:

Cooking or baking in kitchen produce steam which will stick with kitchen walls as well it sticks on your stove, oven and refrigerator, cabinets, etc removing of all these spots is quite important to maintain your rich healthy style. We at McKleenz helps you out to provide professional Kitchen deep cleaning services which remove all spots from your kitchen also clean all of the oily walls and makes your kitchen more shiny and good looking. In addition to removing spots from walls and other areas we also do the cleaning of your kitchen equipment like Stove, Oven, Refrigerator, cupboards, your kitchen sink and dishwasher etc. For inquiries for Kitchen Deep Cleaning services just give us a call or book our online cleaning services we will provide our deep cleaning in quick time.

Bathroom Deep Cleaning:

You use your bathroom/toilet every day and using it on a daily basis it will acquire a lot of dirt as water stands on the bathroom which produce different germs, moulds and fungus, our professional deep cleaner clean all of the dirt from your bathroom they will clean your bathtubs, bathroom sink, towel holder, Bathroom Mirrors etc. We are offering both residential and commercial bathroom deep cleaning services in Dubai either you are owning a big Mall or small Apartment we will provide deep bath cleaning services in all over the UAE. For Bathroom Deep Cleaning services just give us a call or book it online we will provide our services in quick time.

Office Deep Cleaning:

Our Deep Cleaning services are not only limited for the residential area we also provide commercial level deep cleaning services and Office Deep cleaning service is one of them. We offer our professional deep cleaning services for both small and large offices. The team of McKleenz professionals provides you with the best office cleaning services like they will clean Office Tables, Office Chairs, Conference Tables, Office Shelves, Work Stations, Laptops and PC Machines, your office decorative items, sofas, kitchen, bathrooms, LED, AC's AC's, Vent, etc. To book McKleenz Office Deep Cleaning Services just give us a call or book it online we will provide you with the quick and best Office cleaning services in all over the UAE.

Items at an additional charge:

  • Machine scrubbing of floors (additional charge)
  • Paved area pressure washing (additional charge)
  • Steam cleaning of walls and floors.
  • Marble polishing