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Your air conditioner puts a lot of effort into keeping you cozy in the hot summer. You want to avoid malfunctions in the middle of a scorching summer, which is why you should get your cooling system properly maintained.

How to Determine Whether Your Air Conditioner Requires Maintenance?

Before an air conditioner stops working, it usually exhibits signs indicating that it is about to fail.

Watch out for these warning signs that indicate your central air system needs a tune-up:

  • It doesn't cool as effectively as it used to

           It could have a clogged air filter, a refrigerant leak, or a blocked condenser if your air conditioner isn't providing the same amount of comfort.

  • Your energy bill is going higher as a result

           Your cooling expenses will go up if your air conditioner is slow.

  • It's booming

           Mechanical problems are indicated by noises like rattling, banging, and shrieking.

  • Cycling is brief

           Short cycling is when your air conditioner produces brief bursts of air; it typically happens when a filter is blocked, evaporator coils are frozen,

           or there is an electrical issue.

All of these problems will be resolved during a yearly tune-up, along with any additional problems your expert finds while performing the check.

What Happens During an Air Conditioning Maintenance Visit?

Your air conditioner is a complex device with numerous moving parts. Your specialists will use a comprehensive checklist while they conduct a maintenance inspection to make sure every part is in functioning order.

This comprises:

  • Evaluating the state of the system
  • Estimating airflow
  • Condensate drain inspection
  • Setting the thermostat properly
  • swapping out the air filter
  • Condenser coil cleaning
  • Refrigerant pressure measurement

When Should You Schedule an AC Tune-Up?

There is never a bad moment to plan a maintenance inspection for your cooling system. To guarantee that it is prepared for the hot season ahead, we advise scheduling your consultation in the spring or early summer. A pre-season tune-up will find small problems before they grow into significant discomfort-impeding barriers.

Advantages of AC Maintenance

By having your AC serviced, you can relax knowing that it will run efficiently all summer long. The result will be increased comfort and decreased energy expenditures. A yearly tune-up also extends the life of your air conditioner and helps keep any added or remaining warranties in effect. Our highly qualified and experienced HVAC technicians are aware of exactly what is required to keep your AC running at its best. To ensure your air conditioner can provide consistent cooling comfort throughout the long, hot summer, get in touch with the experts at McKleenz for AC maintenance in Town Square.