Ac Maintenance in Al Barsha

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Enjoy Your Summer With Out Sweating, We Have Your AC Running

In a place like Al Barsha, where temperatures regularly rise beyond 50 degrees Celsius, an air conditioner is a must. While having an air conditioner is necessary, maintaining and fixing it is even more crucial.  It may have a considerable impact on an AC's lifespan and regular operation. McKleenz is delighted to be one of the most dependable AC maintenance and repair businesses in Al Barsha.

What Kind Of Maintenance Does The Air Conditioner Require?

To operate successfully and efficiently, an air conditioner's coils, filters, and fins need to be maintained on a regular basis. Your air conditioner's effectiveness will slowly deteriorate and its energy consumption will increase if you put off necessary maintenance.

The following are some factors to think about when performing AC maintenance:

  • Filter cleaning
  • Coil cleaning
  • Comb coil fins
  • Condensate drains
  • Window seals for a room air conditioner
  • Putting an AC cover over the outdoor unit

The experts will:

  • Check for refrigerant leaks with a leak detector
  • Use an evaporator coil to analyze airflow
  • Ensure that the electric control sequence is proper
  • Check electrical connections, clean them, and tighten them
  • Apply a non-conductive coating if necessary
  • Verify and keep an eye on the belts' tension
  • Analyze the thermostat's accuracy

What Do We Offer?

Our team of skilled specialists works arduously to achieve the best result possible with each repair. We offer a full range of air conditioning repair and maintenance services, including coil cleaning, chiller repair, and chiller repairs. In order to prevent the formation of bacteria and algae, our experts will clean your AC chillers. Additionally, we provide routine AC inspections to ensure that it keeps performing at its peak. We also make an effort to identify any potential, high-cost problems that your AC may experience in the future. Our highly skilled technicians are capable of servicing any type, size, or model of AC. No matter how complex your problems are, our professionals will employ the most up-to-date tools to address them.

How We Provide Service?

Our service is quite straightforward. As soon as a client approaches us, our professionals go into a series of direct inquiries to try and grasp their problem. Most of the time, we provide the quote and charges right away. We begin our initial inspections when we arrive at our customer's location and suggest modifications as needed. We also inform our clients of the issue and provide transparency regarding the procedure. After that, the McKleenz crew works its magic to complete the repair.

Hire A Professional

You should call a qualified expert to check your air conditioner to make sure it is operating at its highest level of efficiency if you are unhappy with it or it is not doing as well as it previously did. A skilled technician can quickly identify and resolve all of your air conditioner's difficulties.

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