AC Maintenance in Dubai

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Most Reliable AC Maintenance in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & all over the UAE

The common reasons for sudden air conditioning faults or breakdowns are primarily due to lack of regular AC Maintenance in Dubai and other hot cities such as Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Every property requires routine preventive care and regular AC Maintenance. Availing this service undoubtedly improves the cooling efficiency, reduces breakdowns and increases the durability of your AC units.

Being the leading AC Maintenance Company in Dubai, we cater to a broad range of AC technologies and have the right expertise and operational capability to handle all AC maintenance services on-demand and within short notice. We also provide Emergency AC Maintenance services, depending on the type of AC system you may have, our AC maintenance Dubai team is expected to perform the following:

When is AC Maintenance Required?

  • When your AC is not performing as effective as it used to be.
  • Your AC is running normally but not achieving the set temperature.

What's included:

  • Certified AC professionals with profound experience.
  • Protection of indoor work area.
  • Visual inspection for anomalies.
  • Root-cause analysis to help determine & resolve cooling issues.

Additional charges apply for:

  • Malfunction or repair.
  • Heights requiring scaffolding (usually in excess of 3m)
  • Inaccessible AC unit(s).
  • Consumables, gas or parts (if needed)

Get in touch today and get McKleenz to start handling your home, office, villa, clinic, school or factory Air Conditioning maintenance requirements anywhere in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE. 

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