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Amongst the wide range of building maintenance, McKleenz is proud to carry an extremely professional AC Services team in Dubai that can cater to a wide range of AC requirements as and when needed. Facing problems in your AC? Is your AC is making noise or its not cooling well? McKleenz offers professional and exceptional AC Services and provides the best solution to all of your AC problems. if you are looking for a guaranteed AC Service, rest assured that your search ends here! McKleenz provides the most professional AC services in Dubai. McKleenz is all in one AC Repair services Dubai, AC Maintenance Services in Dubai, AC  Services in Dubai are :

  • AC Installation Services
  • AC Maintenance Services
  • AC Duct Cleaning Services
  • AC Repair Services
  • Thermostat Replacement
  • AC Troubleshooting Services

Why do you actually need AC Service?

Some people may only look for AC Service in Dubai. if they could already feel and see tangible problems in their AC Units. But according to AC professionals, inspection of AC units must be done at least once a year. This is an important matter because this will ensure the efficiency of your AC units and assurance that it is working and operating perfectly. Your AC units are the major reasons why you feel so comfortable inside your home. These air conditioners are effective in making us feel relaxed at home, which is why it will be inevitable for your AC units to face damages as it ages through time. A venerable AC unit will:

  • Impose poor efficiency: as the AC units age, the dirt and dust that it accumulated through the years tend to block critical parts of the unit such as the filters and condensing coils. With this blockage, the efficiency of the AC unit will be hindered and hence lead to 5% decreased effectiveness.
  • Give you cooling problem: there are times when you know that your AC units are working but you will feel that it’s not cooling at all. This is a serious problem and you must consult an AC professional right away.
  • Have damaged AC parts: like humans, appliances also tire and get damaged especially when it is used regularly. Without proper care, AC units will have damaged parts that can contribute to their inefficiency.
  • Reduced AC refrigerant: a working AC has AC refrigerant that plays a vital role in its effectiveness. So, if the refrigerant level is reduced, you must act for AC gas filling or AC gas top-up service so that it will work optimally once again.


AC Repair Dubai
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AC Duct Cleaning Dubai
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AC Troubleshooting
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Thermostat Replacement
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