Thermostat Installation Service

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At many times you may find your temperature gauge erratically changing at an inconsiderate rate and you may observe that your home or office cooling is completely out of control and that no matter what temperature setting you apply, the room temperature does not adjust according to your preferred thermostat setting. Your thermostat may be defective or malfunctioning and you may have to have it replaced. At McKleenz we offer two types of thermostat installation replacements:

  1. Standard Thermostat
  2. Smart Thermostat

McKleenz provides a number of Smart Thermostat options, the most common ones are NEST Thermostat installation, Ecobee Thermostat installation and Honeywell Thermostat installation. Smart Thermostat installation offers greater advantages in comparison with the conventional standard thermostat installation. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • Smart Thermostats learn your behavior, so you have smarter control of your temperature settings at different times of the day autonomously without your intervention.
  • Control of your AC system via smartphone application wherever you are which allows you to turn your AC units on or off even when you are away.
  • Greater savings on your electrical and cooling bills may exceed your expectations! Some savings were reported to exceed 25% reduction in your cooling bill cycle.