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Hiring a reliable AC maintenance Dubai company is crucial in hot countries like the UAE. With the rise of global warming, sudden cooling issues in 2023 are inevitable and likely to occur in absense of any routine preventive maintenance. All properties need routine care to limit and prevent problems. Having regular AC maintenance will undoubtedly improve cooling efficiency, minimize malfunctions, and extend the life of AC equipment.

McKleenz can maintain all types of air conditioning systems and also provides emergency AC maintenance teams in Dubai and other emirates, Depending on the AC system technology, our technical teams generally carry out the maintenance procedures as follows:

When is AC Maintenance Required?

  • Quarterly or at least twice a year, even in absence of any problems.
  • When your AC is not performing as effectively as it used to be.
  • Your AC is running normally but not achieving the set temperature.

What's included:

  • Certified Air Conditioning professionals with profound experience.
  • Protection of indoor work area.
  • Visual inspection for anomalies.
  • Root-cause analysis to help determine & resolve cooling issues.

Additional charges apply for:

  • Malfunction or repair.
  • Heights requiring scaffolding (usually in excess of 3m)
  • Air Conditioning Systems or unit(s) that cannot be accessed easily.
  • Consumables, gas or parts (if needed)

Why Is AC Maintenance Dubai So Important?

Ensuring that you avail timely AC maintenance introduces a number of advantages.

Every air conditioning system requires regular care and attention. Even in absence of a problem, AC units must be kept clean, lubricated, and thoroughly checked for any defects.

By following these simple recommendations, AC units can run smoothly and efficiently, without breakdowns.

How Does AC Maintenance Cut Cost?

Dubai is known for its harsh weather. The summer heat and recurring sand storms contribute greatly to most of the damage within the fins, motors, and coils of the AC cooling system.

With regular care, Air conditioners tend to have a longer life span and consume less power. Without maintenance AC systems generally suffer from clogs, rust, and fault parts. This of course results in high energy consumption bills.

With the appropriate ac maintenance services in Dubai, all essential AC elements are guaranteed to operate smoothly. This also reduces cooling shortfalls and costly breakdowns.

Does AC Maintenance Take Care Of My Existing AC Problems?

The key purpose of AC maintenance is to service running AC systems. These systems are left in mint condition all year round. 

It is wrong to believe that AC maintenance can solve existing faults. In general, existing problems can only be solved by booking an AC Repair Dubai service.

Our AC maintenance team have worked on a large number of AC systems over the years. This has helped develop their expertise in handling all types of maintenance issues across Dubai.

Tips For Hiring Trusted AC Maintenance In Dubai

It is important to make sure that a professional AC maintenance services in Dubai is handling your property. However, finding a good maintenance and repair company is a big challenge nowadays.

A general rule of thumb is to always confirm how professional a company is by ensuring that they are ISO certified.

Another important factor is to ensure that they carry qualified engineers and ac technicians. For commercial facilities, we recommend licensed technicians to handle all aspects of any AC maintenance Dubai proficiently.

How To Book AC Maintenance In Dubai

Get in touch with McKleenz today. Whether you live in an apartment, villa, or commercial property in Dubai, we are here to serve you. 

If you are in need of ac service in Dubai, feel free to book our reliable air conditioning maintenance service. Our user-friendly ios app or android mobile app can be downloaded for free. Don't hesitate to contact us now, if you are also interested in our deep cleaning service in Dubai.

AC Maintenance Dubai

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