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Our professional AC repair Dubai team has the right expertise to handle any AC problem you may encounter. Our technicians follow methodological approaches to troubleshoot and detect possible root-cause problems. Customers are advised of the exact problem(s), possible solution(s), and necessary time and cost implication(s).

McKleenz is by far the most reliable AC repair company in Dubai and is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment to empower its technicians to tackle almost any request for AC repair in Dubai UAE. When you decide to book a repair for your air conditioning units, our professional AC experts carry out the requested service depending on the type of air conditioning system available at your premise. Our expertise extends beyond regular ac systems and focuses on the latest air conditioners available in today's market.

Our technicians go a further step that is beyond standard air conditioning servicing, and that is to analyze if the existing installation is in line with the overall required cooling capacity. This step is overlooked by most companies and what most customers do not know is that their AC problem could be caused by the originally installed under-capacity units.

When is an Air Conditioning repair really required in Dubai?

  • If your AC is malfunctioning, non-operational, creating abnormal noise or leaking excessively.
  • The room temperature is higher than the set point (25oC or higher).

What’s Included:

  • Experienced & professional AC repair experts.
  • Protection of indoor work area.
  • Visual inspection for anomalies.
  • Bottom-up approach to establish the root cause of the problem.
  • Parts repair.
  • Refrigerant gas-top up (if required).

Additional Charges apply for:

  • Works related to inaccessible AC units.
  • Work height greater than 3 meters or requiring scaffolding.
  • Deep cleaning (if required).
  • Replacement parts & consumables.
  • Electrical faults (circuit troubleshooting).

It is worth noting that our AC Repair Dubai service is carried out by experienced professionals who are actively trained for continual improvement in accordance with the highest international standards. McKleenz HVAC division is backed by engineering professionals who carry decades of experience to ensure that all AC unit repairs are sturdy and durable in order to meet customer’s expectations at any point in time.

For on-demand bookings, feel free to use our on-demand booking platform available on Android & IOS. If you require AC service in Dubai, you are welcome to schedule our dependable air conditioning maintenance service. Having doubts or second thoughts? Reach out to us on our toll-free and we’ll gladly assist 800 55336.


AC Repair Dubai

Our AC Repair Dubai Technicians are Specialized in Handling All Your AC Problems Effectively.