Why Mckleenz is Different than other Cleaning Companies?

  • By McKleenz
  • 2023-08-03
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Professional Cleaning Service 

Since its inception, McKleenz never stopped focusing on delivering the most professional cleaning service in Dubai. Being a member of the profound McMaster Electromechanical Group of Companies with a presence in the UAE since 2009, our clients are guaranteed to receive the highest quality cleaning services.

Our higher value and quality for the same market prices has been our unique market niche for cleaning services and has given us an excellent position not merely due to our performance but mainly due to our full-hearted commitment not to cut corners and to do things faithfully irrespective of cost implications. We pride ourselves today, not only in being the best cleaning company Dubai but also in being the safest, most reliable, and customer-friendly.

Today, we are not only considered as the best deep cleaning dubai company but the safest, most reliable, and customer-friendly company as well.

Our skilled teams consist of trained, skilled, and professional cleaners. Our advanced equipment, tools, and methodologies make us stand out among rivals. We make sure that the latest technologies are utilized in performing all our services. We utilize these tools, equipment, and machines because we know that there are some tasks that cannot be achieved by the working hand, which is another reason why we accomplish our tasks effectively and quickly.

At McKleenz, we take everything we do by heart – we feel glad to be of service of anyone and see them satisfied with our quality of work each time we finish our tasks. Not only do we give home cleaning but maintenance service and deep cleaning as well. We take each request profoundly, to ensure that each of our clients is left with a clean, sanitized and better-looking space. Each visit, we do our tasks rigorously, from home cleaning to deep cleaning, because we want everything in your place to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, leaving it hygiene for your daily life routine.

We always make sure that the cleaning solutions we utilize are not harmful to our clients and their pets, but still effectual to housework. One perfect example is the sanitized and color-coded towels we utilized in our cleaning services – these are customized for a specific purpose. In fact, the towels we use are not only sanitized for every cleaning but also scrutinized to qualify if they should be replaced due to defects before being sent out again for further cleanings.

A fresh pack of hygiene towels is used for every cleaning; this guarantees that germs, viruses, and dirt do not spread from the towels resulting in cross-contamination from multiple uses. Aside from towels, our machinery, equipment, and other cleaning tools are all inspected and sanitized. So your home cleaning is carried out with sanitized towels, mops, vacuum cleaners, and brand-new sponges, which guarantee the highest level of hygiene in every house cleaning services Dubai.

Our extensive experience in the market helped us in coming up with effective and reliable strategies to make each job seamless, effective, and credible. We want nothing but the safety of our clients, as well as their homes – making us a qualified cleaning company that you can trust. Our work strategies are effective; our faithful clients can attest to all the good quality of tools, cleaning materials, and services that we provide. We know how hygiene is one of the most important things that you must practice at home – your health relies on this. If you have children, it’s even more crucial. Having a hygienic place will assure that you will be spared from health risks – and you can also guarantee that we’ll do the needful in making your place become hygienic and safe.

We are always prioritizing our customers – we do our best to meet and exceed their expectations and retain the reputation that we have today. Even in the years to come, our clients can guarantee that we’ll never rest in providing them with an unsurpassed cleaning service both for their residential and commercial places.

If you need any of our services, however, you can contact us anytime and we’ll immediately be at your disposal and rest assured that our professional team of technicians and cleaners will be there for you.

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