Professional House Cleaning in Dubai

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  • 2023-06-26
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Professional House Cleaning 

A Clean Home Actually Makes You Feel Happier!

Have you ever experienced the unbeatable joy of professional house cleaning? That inexplicable charming effect a sparkling house cleaning has on you! It’s probably that monthly cleaning service dubai you signed up that leaves you satisfied and assured that moving around your spotless home, is now safe and does not expose you to dust or grime?

A perfect house cleaning service truly delivers comfort and happiness. This is backed up scientifically and explained in terms of attenuating depression and killing any form of sadness. When you experience a professional house cleaning service, everything is left fresh and neatly organized all of which gives you a sense of comfort, peace and deep inner satisfaction.

Opinions differ when it comes to hygiene levels of a professional house cleaning. This widely depends on the maid service quality you generally depend on and on how often you opt for a regular cleaning, a spring cleaning or a deep cleaning service.

In this blog we summarize a list of key factors that make the real difference and that leave a major impression when taken care off:


How your house smells after a professional house cleaning says a lot about the quality of detergents used. Many maids use spray air fresheners towards the end of cleaning to camouflage the true cleanliness level achieved. An effective cleaning service leaves your home free from nasty odors, leaving your home fresh and even without the use of toxic air deodorizers. You may also want to opt for our trusted AC duct cleaning dubai to sanitize your ducts from infested dust, mold, viruses and allergens. AC duct cleaning is recommended at least once a year.


The living room is the most visited space in any home. In fact it is the first thing you come across when entering any home. Pay attention to accumulated dust on decorative vases, picture frames and separators. Regular sofa cleaning ensures that your living room sofa is free from stains and accumulated dust and dirt between the seats and armrests. Carpet cleaning ensures that your rugs are stain free and that they are maintaining their natural characteristics and crisp colors. Marble Polishing protects your flooring and elevates that lovely marble gloss.


Bedrooms are where you spend most of your time and are your key comfort zones. Usually, any fabrics which are likely to accumulate dust around your bedroom should undergo upholstery cleaning at least twice a year. Your linens must be washed at least once a week, your windows cleaned regularly and you should opt for mattress cleaning which takes care of dust mite and germ accumulation. Curtains must be vacuumed and steam sanitized at least twice a year. Though a regular cleaning service or average maids may or may not address these concerns, we highly recommend our deep cleaning dubai service at McKleenz which takes care of all your Dubai deep cleaning requirements in a professional manner.


Your bathrooms are exposed to significant levels of infectious diseases resulting from disbursing splashes every time a toilet is flushed. Floor drains, shower drains and vanity sinks must be unclogged regularly. Our Dubai cleaning service utilizes special disinfection detergents to eliminate grime build up in your sink, tub and toilet. One of the natural and highly recommended recipes to maintain bathroom hygiene in between house cleaning services is to regularly wipe using a mixture of rubbing alcohol, baking soda and vinegar. Our professional maids pays particular attention to take out all personal use items such as toothbrushes, hair combs, razors, etc. before starting the bathroom cleaning service so as to avoid cross-contamination.


Dishes must be cleaned or at least rinsed right away to prevent bad odors. All countertops, meal prep areas, and refrigerator tops must be wiped regularly using eco-friendly detergents dedicate for safe kitchen use. Our Dubai cleaning service makes use of special detergents that do not leave any harmful toxins or residues after wiping. This is important to keep your children and family members safe. An excellent safety tip is to substitute kitchen house cleaning products with vinegar to prevent harmful toxins being transferred to your family.

McKleenz is always more than happy to provide you with the most professional house cleaning services Dubai. We assure you that our knowledge in-house cleaning stems from our long experience in the field and regular training to acquire the latest advancements in house cleaning for a better Dubai.

Looking for house cleaning services by professional Filipina maids? Let McKleenz handle it for you!

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