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  • 2024-03-19
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We feel honored and take pride in being one of most superlative companies that offer exceptional cleaning service Dubai residents truly admire. Building our name in the industry of Dubai has cost us our blood, sweat, and tears that we put together throughout the years of experience of analyzing what suits our client’s demands in order to exceed our client’s expectations. Our mission is to put your life at ease by handling your cleaning tasks that need to be checked off allowing you to enjoy clean and healthier surroundings whether it’s in your office or home. Below are a series of cleaning services that we offer in Dubai:

Residential cleaning

When you’re on the go most of the times and have a hectic schedule that occupies most of your time – our cleaning services Dubai team are ready to handle your home in premier standards of purity and client gratification. Our team experts never fail deliver our services on time in professionalism. We offer services on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to match your needs accordingly. Our house cleaning services Dubai include kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room area cleaning along with other extra optional services that provided such deep cleaning, laundry, move in cleaning and ironing.

Commercial cleaning

We offer a wide range of cleaning services Dubai ranging from clinic cleaning, office cleaning, warehouse, schools and automobile showrooms. Our team are highly trained with years of experience that follow the ministry sanctuary requirements. We provide monthly packages suitable for commercial cleaning along with an upfront payment. Hence, cleaners can be assigned to regularly go to your workplace or commercial to help you enjoy living in a germ and corona free environment. Our cleaners have high expertise of working in offices, schools, clinics, shops and warehouses in Dubai industrial areas. We usually clean carpets, floors, windows, washrooms, other types of furniture’s along with fabric and leather sofa cleaning.


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Sanitizing and disinfecting

Our cleaning service uses hospital-grade surface disinfectant to sterilize the surfaces to ensure the removal of viruses (COVID-19) and decontamination of the surfaces. Our utilized chemicals are approved by the Dubai municipality. We use the antiseptic Huwa San 25 based on hydrogen peroxide which is exactly similar to bleach but is safe on the skin, biodegradable and ecofriendly. We have chosen to use Huma San 25 as a disinfectant because of the superb properties it has of being safe to use around pets and kids. To ensure maximum surface penetration we use fogging and spraying technique to reach every hidden angle. We also use steam cleaning which is also done for the sofas. Mattresses and other furniture – ensuring that 99.99% of the bacteria is killed.

Curtain Cleaning

Our cleaning services Dubai team usually recommends that you get your curtains cleaned every 3-4 months and before or after you have a party or ceremony get together. You shouldn’t wait for your curtains to actually start to look or smell dirty for you to realize that as it can be the best gathering place for dust, germs and viruses such as the COVID-19 which is why you need regular cleaning. The main reason why you should consider having your curtains handled by our team members is it increases the life span of your curtains, swaps that foul-smelling scent with fresh odor, eliminates hidden dirt and allergens.

Carpet cleaning

We provide one of the best and professional cleaning services Dubai team professionals that help to extract the dirt that is deeply embedded in your carpet, make it aesthetically attractive and long-lasting. The quality of airflow in your home can be improved by carpet shampooing and sterilizing services helping to improve the air quality leaving your rug smelling fresh – eliminating any germs, mite’s, viruses and germs.  Before doing anything our team professionals need to inspect the carpets and then use the suitable carpet cleaning method. The safest, effective and most popular technique is shampooing and sanitizing the matts; however, we also use contemporary technology and German made kit (Kärcher) to continue with the shampooing procedure – ensuring that the microorganism is extracted through deep vacuuming and shampooing.