Bed Bugs Control in Dubai

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Introducing Bed Bugs in Dubai

Beg bugs in Dubai could be a real nightmare, if not one of the worst experiences one could ever experience at home.

Just like any pest infestation, there are several reasons that promote thriving bed bugs in Dubai.

Of course, lack of proper hygiene has been the first and foremost contributor to bed bug infestations. Therefore, maintaining excellent self-hygiene is worthwhile.

Exterminating bed bugs permanently may seem simple but is in fact one of the most challenging missions many pest control companies in Dubai fail to achieve. Over the years, beg bugs have developed resistance to a large number of commonly used pesticides. A single visit may not be adequate to protect your home from serious infestations, simply because conventional pest control methods are no longer effective.

McKleenz provides an effective bedbug treatment with a knockdown effect, suitable for medium to extreme infestations. It is recommended that all duvets, linens, bedsheets, pillows, and cushion covers are removed and washed with lukewarm water and only set back in place 6-8hrs after the bedbug treatment.

DIY steps to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Dubai

Bed bugs tend to travel and hide in personal belongings, joints, crevices, wall frames, curtains, couches, mattresses, carpets, bed frame trims, and pillows.

These basic steps not only prevent the occurrence of beg bugs but have also proven to be a permanent solution for many pest problems in Dubai:

  • If you are travelling, make sure to inspect the room you are staying in before unpacking your clothes. Bed bugs tend to travel and hop into bags and clothes.
  • Also, if you have visitors, avoid unknown packages or luggage, and do not bring in any items without first emptying the contents and ensuring that there are no infestation traces.
  • Ensure that your home is cleaned on a regular basis and that all surfaces, countertops, and floors are dusted and wiped with quality detergents.
  • An important practice would be showering and wearing fresh clothes every day and ensuring that bed sheets and linens are changed every few days or at least once a week.
  • Getting a periodic furniture dry cleaning service every six months eliminates impurities and contaminants which beg bugs in Dubai feed.

How to know if you have a Bed Bugs infestation

While it may be hard to determine small infestations, an early notice would be waking up to irritating skin bites.

Bed bugs traces can be detected by observing adult bed bugs, nymphs that are as big as half a centimeter in size, or even small dark feces which may smear blood into the fabric.