The 5 Easy Steps You Can Do To Clean Your AC Unit at Home or Office!

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  • 2023-08-03
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The most excessively used element of any home, office or building is undoubtedly the AC system. Its continuous operation is why we regularly stress on the importance of having a reliable AC service provider that is scheduled well in advance for regular ​AC maintenance.

There is a sequence of steps that need to be carried out for proper AC maintenance, the most essential one being AC cleaning. AC cleaning ensures that all the AC elements are free from foreign dirt particles which may hinder the smooth operation and result in possible damages, sudden breakdowns and maloperation, eventually leaving you with no choice but to resort to a professional AC repair service.

Although it is recommended that you resort to a professional AC service provider to handle all your AC maintenance needs; however, there are some easy basic steps for AC cleaning that may be carried out to improve the overall efficiency of your AC system and to cut down your regular maintenance cost. Self-cleaning your AC units regularly will undoubtedly prolong their lifespan, improve their efficiency and improve the air quality.

Need professional cost-effective help for any AC repair, AC maintenance or AC cleaning? Contact our McKleenz maintenance and cleaning toll-free number 800-55336. We are here to assist you have been in the industry for over a decade handling all the building maintenance and technical needs for homes and offices. Our team comprises of professional and well-equipped technicians who are well-trained and are skilful enough to tackle even the most challenging situations and to provide quality AC services to all our clients and customers.

And in this article, the basic air conditioning type being the decorative wall mounted DX system and we share some of the easy and effective steps that you can do to have the perfect AC cleaning service :

  1. Practice precaution in anything you do. As a safety measure turn off the power breaker from the main distribution board to prevent interference with any moving components.
  2. Visit the wall-mounted decorative unit and lift up the front louvred cover. Beneath this, you will find the AC filter which can be easily removed. There are two methods to clean these filters. One method is to vacuum it using an ordinary vacuum cleaner. The second method is to wash it using regular water and to let it strain to dry. If you notice that the filters are damaged consider replacing them as they do not usually cost much. Return the filters into place and close the louvred covers. The front cover usually snaps creating a clicking noise once perfectly closed.
  3. Visit the external unit and use a standard pressure washer to clean the fins, evaporator coil, evaporator drain, and other parts as well. Make sure that you clean or wipe to make sure that stubborn accumulations of mould or dirt are taken care of.
  4. Drain the external unit fan coil and rinse it properly. This will clear the coil for the initial takeoff to be free of any kind of debris, dirt, grime and moulds.
  5. Alongside all our professional AC services we perform AC duct cleaning. If you have a ducted AC system and are really concerned about the quality of air due to extremely dirty ducts, we recommend that you hire McKleenz.

Feel free to contact us at any time, we are always glad to help.

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