Importance of AC Service and Duct Cleaning

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  • 2023-05-15
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Do you live in Abu-Dhabi, Dubai or Al-Ain? Do you suffer from allergies, sore throat, headache or migraines? If the answer is “yes” to any of the above questions, then make sure to read this article thoroughly.

It is a proven fact that many residents of Abu-Dhabi, Dubai and Al-Ain suffer from one of the following Building Related Illnesses (BRI): allergies, sore throat, headaches or migraines.  Our first instinct is to either rush to a doctor or to grab pain killers, however, studies have shown that this might temporarily resolve the issue at hand but will not provide a permanent solution and will definitely result in long term respiratory and health problems especially amongst babies and children.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Bacteria and Mold (Fungi) are the biggest contributors to health problems such as allergies, asthma, sore throat and headaches.

Real Problem?

  • Bacteria are abundant in air, on all surfaces, on pets, on plants and shed from human skin and respiratory tracts (IICRC S520).
  • Mold (Fungi) exist everywhere, reproduce and spread through environmental sources which include: oxygen, moisture and nutrients (IICRC S520).

Good Facts … But what does this have to do with the AC?

The AC system (comprising both the AC unit and AC duct) is the biggest source for both the reproduction of bacteria and mold (fungi) and their spread through the indoor air we breathe. Whereas, studies have shown that the indoor air we breathe in apartments and villas across Abu-Dhabi, Dubai and Al-Ain contains higher concentrations and more types of bacteria than outdoor air (ACGIH Bioaerosols Assessment and Control).

  • The AC unit, in particular, the cooling coil and drain pan contain the most moisture and nutrients on which basis Mold (Fungi) reproduce their spores.
  • The AC duct serves as a medium for the transportation of spores and spread through the supply air we breathe.
  • The process does not just end there, it gets even worse as the return ac duct gets further contaminated from us humans, indoor plants, pets and other surfaces.


In laymen terms, the AC system (AC units and AC duct) is a continual reproduction facility for bacteria and mold (fungi). Hence, as each day passes, they are invading the air we breathe in our homes and offices which is resulting in more and more Building Related Illnesses (BRI) such as allergies, sore throat, headache and migraines.


Regular AC Service and AC Duct Cleaning.

  • Regular AC service and duct cleaning are broad terms which entail to many detailed technicalities, but yet, are belittled and abused by AC service providers.
  • The term “regular” AC service and Duct Cleaning implies a period of 3-6 months depending on whether the premise is a villa or apartment and which part of the city it is located in.
  • AC service means disinfecting and sanitizing the AC coil, cleaning the AC filter, strainer & drain pan and purging the drain line.
  • AC duct cleaning means inserting a robotic device to clean and sanitize the ducts on the inside.
  • Therefore, make sure to hire the right professional and certified AC service provider. Hiring the wrong AC service provider to conduct an AC service or AC Duct cleaning can result in cross-contamination which might leave you with bigger problems than you had started off initially.

Below are some key questions to help you ensure that you hire the right AC service provider for your AC service and AC Duct Cleaning:

  1. Are the AC cleaning and AC duct equipment cleaned and sanitized after leaving a premise before moving onto the next one?
  2. Are isolation protocols being implemented to prevent cross-contamination from the ac unit to surfaces and from surfaces to other zones?
  3. Is the AC service provider aware on how to treat mold (fungi) growth prior to ac service or ac duct cleaning to prevent cross-contamination?
  4. Is the AC service provider knowledgeable on which ac duct cleaning method and which ac duct cleaning tools to apply?
  5. Did you know that using the wrong ac duct cleaning method and the wrong ac duct cleaning tool can result in permanent severe damages to your ductwork?
  6. Is the AC service provider aware on when to use Alkaline Chemicals or Acidic Chemicals to clean the cooling coil ?
  7. Is the AC service provider able to demonstrate the cleanliness of the AC system as per norms and standards?
  8. Is the AC service provider able to troubleshoot the ac unit in case of malfunction?

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