Getting the Right AC Service Provider?

  • By McKleenz
  • 2023-05-20
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I have hired 3 different service providers to resolve my AC problem and it is still not fixed. Where should I find the best AC Service? 

AC maintenance and AC service are the most abused terminologies in the HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) world, whereas many people believe that an AC technician can maintain and/or service all types of air conditioners regardless of their type. This is a Myth! Another Myth is that many of us believe that simply bringing in a technician with a ladder and a toolbox is sufficient to maintain or service the AC system.

McKleenz wishes to shed the light on some facts that help you choose the right AC service provider:

  • Know the AC system type installed.
  • Understand the AC problem at hand.
  • Hire the right AC service provider.


Various types of air conditioners are usually installed in apartments, villas and offices. The 4 main of AC systems installed in cities like Abu-Dhabi, Dubai and Al-Ain include:

  • Split AC (i.e. DX System)
  • Chilled Water (Chillers or District Cooling) System
  • Package AC System
  • VRF System

Split AC (DX System)

Split AC (DX systems) are commonly installed in villas, townhouses and low rise apartment building. It consists of both an indoor unit and outdoor unit and hence why it is called a split system. Each particular indoor unit is connected to its respective outdoor units. The outdoor unit mainly produces the cooling and the indoor unit blows the cold air via duct distribution to the air outlets. The cooling effect is achieved by refrigerant gas running between the indoor and outdoor units via copper pipes.

Chilled Water System

Chilled water (chillers or districting cooling) systems are most commonly installed in high rise buildings and in some villa development projects. This system consists of indoor units only, where all indoor units are connected via pipe network to a central cooling plant location. The cooling plant mainly produces the cooling and the indoor unit blows the cold air via duct distribution to the air outlets. The cooling effect is achieved by chilled water running between the cooling plants and the indoor units. In this type of system, you pay a separate cooling charge bill which is not applicable to any of the other systems.

Package AC System

The package AC system is most commonly used in premises that have large areas requiring cooling such as warehouses, mini shopping malls, and schools. The cooling principles of a package AC system are very similar to that of Split AC (DX System) except that all components are found within one enclosure (package) installed outdoors.

VRF System

VRF system is a revolutionized split AC (DX System) most commonly used in villas, schools, and low-rise buildings. The main difference between Split AC (DX System) and VRF systems is the fact that one outdoor unit connects to multiple indoor units, which results in a more efficient system and lower electricity bills.


The AC problems at your home or office can be defined into four main categories. When reaching out to your AC service provider, it is highly recommended to use one of the 4 main categories listed below. This will help you ensure that your AC service provider troubleshoots your AC problem without bias.

  • The AC isn’t cooling properly
  • The AC isn’t turning on
  • The AC keeps tripping
  • The airflow is limited


Be aware of the various offers circulating at pretty low prices, they might seem tempting but in reality, you are obtaining nothing close to an AC service or maintenance. Additionally, beware of false claims that they are AC service providers.

Below are some key questions to ask your AC service provider before hiring them. This will help you ensure that you have the right certified AC technicians with an engineering backbone handling your AC system.

In order for you to assess whether you are hiring the right AC service provider for your home or office.

  1. Ask for a valid company trade license. Which must include the activity “Air-Conditioning, Ventilation & Air Filtration Systems Installation & Maintenance”.
  2. Ask how long it will take for them to service 1 AC unit.
    1. For villas, a comprehensive service must take anywhere from 75 – 120 minutes.
    2. For apartments, a comprehensive service must take anywhere from 60 – 90 minutes.

Any service duration less than the above-mentioned means you are hiring a bluff.

  1. Ask for proof of valid 3rd party insurance.

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