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  • 2020-12-09
  • Mattress Cleaning
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Our professional Mattress cleaning works towards encouraging environmental care and welfare for the community’s health. The service has been devised to ensure the highest hygiene standards to benefit the community. One of our missions is to work towards keeping an environmental friendly and green world to help promote a green economy aligning with the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) mission. It has become a serious challenge nowadays in the UAE especially during the COVID-19 catastrophic outbreak, at a time when we need to ensure that everything is sterilized to approved standards.

The most common belief is that we spend a third of our time in bed, but with the ongoing COVID-19 work from home scenario, statistics indicate a much higher utlization of bed spaces. With this in mind, do we ever consider questioning how clean our mattresses and pillows are? how it impacts our health?  It is said that a standard mattress can hold up to 100,000 to 2 Million mites inside which can also increase bacteria and virus development which doesn’t work well knowing there’s Corona virus going around. Mattress cleaning  come in handy by offering top notch sterilization and deep cleaning to help us protect and prevent serious health complications that can develop from the dust and dirt such as asthma, eczema and allergies.

This usually involves using steam which hardly uses any chemicals, saves massively on water, ensures the dust mites and dead skin cells are eradicated to a perfection level. Not only the dry mattress cleaning level is convenient but it is also leaves a nice odor to your mattress that also gives a strong pungent essence to your room afterwards ceasing any allergies that could lead to asthma.

The great thing about mattress cleaning  is our reliable before the time staff that usually arrives 10 minutes before schedule that show up to the desired location in colorful uniform and trucks bringing all the equipment to your homes. Usually this service is carried out in 3 main steps which are:

  • Deep vacuuming using industrial grade extractors.
  • Sanitation using UV light treatment (for disinfection).
  • Over-heated dry steam for further sanitation. This, on an average takes roughly 30 minutes overall, which isn’t a long wait time.

In the first process, the bed linens are extracted and a very special vacuum (that has 11 times higher suction power from the traditional household vacuum and HEPA filtration) for this process is used to suck out all the dust from my mattress, pillows and duvet as the team ensures maximum efficiency of covering each side, every inch and angel. All in all, this first step usually takes about 15 minutes. By the end of this step, don’t be shocked to see a full bag of dust (that contain germs along with viruses possibly) that came out of the pillows and mattress. This is usually years’ worth of dust, dead skin cells and hair.

Secondly, medical grade UV light to kill off any dust mites, germs and bacteria that remain in the mattress. Mattress cleaning has a special machine in the UAE that exposes your mattress to strong UV light, such that 10 seconds of it is correspondent to putting your mattress in the sun for a couple of days. Nevertheless, UV light has various disinfectant benefits of which it is a physical method for killing bacteria in which it cannot build immunity to it. That’s a huge plus, particularly for hospitals and assisted living facilities UV light kills a wide array of harmful organisms.

In the last step pillows, duvet and bed cover are sanitized to ensure that if there were any germs or mites left, they would be eradicated with our advanced cleaning technology. You will be really staggered by the amount of dust and impurities that gets caught up by that machine on top of the direct health benefits you will feel post dust mite extraction (debilitating the symptoms of asthma, allergy, eczema, fatigue, etc.). Our Mattress Cleaning professionals in Dubai recommend having your mattress cleaned every 4-6 months at least. Enjoy our ultimate services offered during this pandemic to ensure your topmost safety standard at home.