How To Find Licensed Pest Control Services In Dubai

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  • 2023-08-04
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Pests can be a nuisance in any environment, and their presence can pose a threat to both health and property. In Dubai, there are many licensed pest control services available to help deal with these problems. However, it can be challenging to find the right company for your needs.

This article will outline where to find licensed pest control Dubai services and some tips on how to choose the right one for your situation.


Dubai Municipality Pest Control Section

The Dubai Municipality Pest Control Section is a government agency responsible for ensuring the safety and health of the public. They provide pest control services to both commercial and residential properties. Their services include the treatment of pests such as rodents, insects, and other pests that can cause harm to people and property. To access their services, you can contact them through their website or by calling their hotline number.


Dubai Municipality Approved Pest Control Companies

The Dubai Municipality approves many pest control companies in Dubai, which are licensed to provide pest control services. These companies have trained staff and use the latest techniques and equipment to tackle pests. You can find a list of approved pest control companies on the Dubai Municipality website.


Online Directories

Several online directories list pest control companies in Dubai. These directories provide a list of licensed pest control companies that offer services such as fumigation, insecticide spraying, and rodent control. Some popular directories include Yellow Pages, Gulf Yellow Pages, and Dubiki. These directories provide contact information, location, and services provided by pest control companies.


Referrals and Reviews

One of the best ways to find licensed pest control services in Dubai is by referrals and reviews. Ask for recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues who have used pest control services in the past. Online reviews on websites such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook can provide valuable information on the quality of services provided by pest control companies.


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-Tips for Choosing the Right Pest Control Service-

When choosing a pest control company, there are some important factors to consider. These include:


License and Certification:

Ensure that the company is licensed by the Dubai Municipality and has the necessary certifications for providing pest control services.



Choose a company with a good track record and many years of experience in providing pest control services.


Safety and Health: Check that the company follows safety procedures and uses environmentally friendly products.


Customer Service:

Select a company that provides excellent customer service and is responsive to inquiries and complaints.



Compare the cost of services from different pest control companies and choose one that offers quality services at an affordable price.


-Types of Pest Control Services-

Licensed pest control companies in Dubai offer various services to deal with different types of pests. Some of the common services include:


Rodent Control: This involves trapping and removing rodents from your premises.

Insect Control: This involves eliminating insects such as cockroaches, bed bugs, and termites.

Fumigation: This involves the use of fumigants to eliminate pests such as beetles, weevils, and moths.

Bird Control: This involves the use of bird netting, spikes, and traps to prevent birds from roosting on your property.


-Methods Used in Pest Control-

Pest control companies in Dubai use various methods to control pests. These methods include:


Chemicals: Pest control companies use chemicals such as insecticides, rodenticides, and fumigants to eliminate pests. However, they must follow safety procedures to ensure that the chemicals are not harmful to humans, pets, or the environment.

Traps: Some pests such as rodents and birds can be trapped and removed from your property.

Natural Methods: Pest control companies also use natural methods such as essential oils, pheromone traps, and biological control to eliminate pests.


Frequency of Pest Control

The frequency of pest control depends on the severity of the pest infestation and the type of pest control service required. For example, if you have a severe bed bug infestation, you may require more than one treatment to eliminate them. However, for general pest control, you may need quarterly or monthly treatments to keep your property pest-free.


Cost of Pest Control Services

The cost of pest control services in Dubai varies depending on the type of service, the severity of the pest infestation, and the size of your property. It's essential to get quotes from different pest control companies to compare prices and services provided. However, it's not always wise to choose the cheapest service as it may not provide the best quality.



Pests can be a major problem in Dubai, but there are many licensed pest control services available to deal with them. The Dubai Municipality Pest Control Section, Dubai Municipality Approved Pest Control Companies, online directories, referrals, and reviews are all sources to find the right pest control service. When selecting a pest control company, consider their license and certification, experience, safety and health, customer service, and cost. With these tips, you can find the right pest control service in Dubai to keep your property and environment pest-free.