Greener UAE With Eco-Friendly Pest Control

  • By McKleenz
  • 2023-06-09
  • Pest Control
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Our pest control dubai company ensures the use of organic home pesticides in which are harmless substitutes compared to conventional pesticides. The citizens somehow seem to lack awareness and assurance on the green chemical products. Sadly, there has been a lot of several cases of death due to pesticide poisonings through the households in the UAE. These incidents entangled the use of unlawful industrial grade pesticides in residential units. Throughout time pests can develop resistance to the pesticides meaning they are no longer affected from the chemical.

Pest maintenance has been in the limelight for a while now especially that if not used properly it could lead to fatality. This is why our pest control team’s aim is to try and spread awareness to the society by being one of the companies that uses these green products in which are government-approved eco-products in respect to our firm. Nowadays contractors are commonly advised to use eco-friendly products because they are less fatal and hazardous to humans unlike the regular conventional pesticides.

Now sadly, some companies still use the agricultural chemicals which is quite hazardous to the society’s welfare. In which is why our pest control firm ensuring official products that are nontoxic for the humans and household use. Now some people might think that it might be immensely pricy to use the eco-friendly pesticides – Surprisingly it is not.  Let’s say spraying pesticides could cost you roughly AED 100; whereas, the governmental approved eco-friendly pesticides would cost around AED 150 in comparison which isn’t too bad knowing you no longer put your and loved ones lives at risk.

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Usually the Environmental friendly pesticides contain chemicals that are naturally in the plants and even in vegetables that we consume. Plants have usually been used as natural guards in opposition to pests. The effectiveness and safety of these green pesticides rely usually on plants. Also, pests cannot build resistance to these Eco-friendly pesticides as they do with the synthetics pesticides. Our pest control company is considered to be one of the most leading Eco-friendly firms in Dubai.

Now how these pesticides act on insects is quite interesting. These chemicals aim at targeting the insect’s neurotransmitter known as, Octopamine, that aids to regulate the mobility and heartrate of the insect. As a result of this, this leads to the fatality of the insect as it focuses on debilitating the insect’s nervous system. On the contrary, fish, mammals and birds don’t acquire such receptors of Octopamine - in which has null impact on these living organisms. Our pest control  team uses these eco-friendly chemicals for pests such as cockroaches, ants and bed bugs.

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Many people like to believe that implementing a green pesticide maintenance system means that there usually extremely expensive and it’s better to go for the normal ones. As a matter of fact, these eco-friendly pesticides are authorized by the Ministry of Environment and water of the UAE. All what consumers have to request is for our pest control company team to handle their place with green pesticides – that’s it literally.