Handyman Vs Licensed Electrician? Tips On Choosing The Right Service

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  • 2023-08-04
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Choosing the right handyman residents generally trust, will help you save time and money rather than going through the inconvenience of hiring the wrong professionals likely resulting in one being either overcharged or having put their project at risk. Knowing the difference between a handyman and a licensed Electrician is imperative for you when considering your specific needs. Our company ensures that all of the electrical installations, renovation and repairs are provincially regulated and follow the UAE national standard codes with every installation to ensure the health and safety of the public. However, hiring handyman does not guarantee them being legal; one must make sure that the hired handyman is Licensed.

A handyman is an individual who offers minor maintenance and renovation repair services that do not come under the accountability of a nationally regulated trade and are recognized, such as gas installation, plumbing and electrical. The handyman’s job is unregulated implying that no formal training is needed if the work is performed without a license; hence, there isn’t any liability for safety, quality or correctness as the work is not scrutinized. Most often, there is no performance insurance policy protection so the homeowner must take full accountability and risk for the work performed. Our handyman in Dubai company ensures personnel that are licensed and approved by the government of Dubai. Also, keep in mind that It is against the law to have a handyman perform for the electrical system in your business or home.

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A Licensed Electrician must efficaciously complete 4 levels of traineeship to gain the title of certified electrician. This traineeship precludes around 4 to 10 week sessions of academic training course, consisting of written exams and applied assessments for each level, plus at least 6000 hours of administered work based practice and experience. This training usually takes around 4-5 years to complete. Our electrician knows that their training is never enough even if they completed the required hours or the final examination. Which is why our team makes sure to keep updated with new skills, recent codes and safer products updates which are usually published every 3 years. The Dubai authority requires electricians to have a good level of knowledge, experience and skill to make changes to an electrical system, landholders are wise to expect the same.

A licensed electrical contractor is approved by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority to provide electrical services to the community by hiring licensed electricians and trainees to do the work. An electrical contractor must handle the insurance policies, proper licensing and bonds to guard the client. Only the electrical contractor is permitted to purchase the needed electrical license in your business or household – that’s not applicable to our handyman professionals. This kind of work is inspected and monitored by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority to ensure it meets rigorous requirements of the current national electrical code.

An electrical contractor should also remain current on all Workers Compensation (WCB) dues to guarantee his apprentices and electricians are covered by their insurance policy; then, the landowner will be appraised by the employer and be held accountable for any injuries on their property. Our handyman team assigns trustworthy contractors will keep an electrical bond in accordance with the DEWA Standards and also conveys a substantial insurance policy. These necessities are there to guard the clients in the occasion of a conflict with the services and work provided. Below are a few tips on how to choose the right service when selecting a licensed contractor:

Qualifications and certification

A licensed electrician must receive the right training and sufficient experience to deliver premier services and results when attending to your electrical installations and repairs. Certified electricians are pledged to have 3 years of experience at least. Our handyman team offers a monthly warranty on their work as proof of competence and quality. Various leading electricians are also becoming NICEIC certified to imply their enduring commitment to the utmost quality of customer service and admonishing performance in their work. Certifications and accreditations such as NICEIC certification are additional indicators of a top-quality electrical contractor.

Warranties and Guarantees

Electrician warranties and guarantees are an indicator of quality customer service and workmanship. Best electrical contractors offer guarantees on their work. Therefore, you’re covered in case something goes wrong when there are complications of electrical work. Numerous leading electricians similarly offer satisfaction warranties – to ensure you get the results you expect. Our handyman electrical contractors will go above and beyond to offer outstanding service regarding your electrical system and your household’s interior. It’s best to select firms that can guarantee their personnel undergo background checks for extra safety measure. They need to be respectful of the household environment they are employed in, some electrical contractors even dress in protective sterilized shoe covers when in households, in addition to vacuuming and protecting the flooring before they leave.

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Time frame

Just as with cost and pricing, the timeframe is another area of concern when it comes to selecting an electrician. A lower quality or less experienced electrician might take too much of your time to complete their services. Our handyman team acquires high-quality workers guaranteeing same day service, where you will receive the timely and efficacious repair you need. Leading electricians will propose 24 hours’ emergency service for when you require urgent aid with your electrical systems. Discovering the right residential electrician can be rigid when there are several options to choose from, but ordering our quality, efficiency and safety service will help you choose the right electrician for your home, so choose wisely.