How to Select a Reliable Handyman Team Tailored For Your Needs?

  • By McKleenz
  • 2023-08-04
  • Handyman
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You have a number of things that need to be fixed in your home or office and wonder how much it would cost you to pay each handyman professional individually to hang paintings, put up shelves, fix broken door handles or tighten loose hinges? Our handyman in Dubai have got the deal handled for you. Our highly trained handyman team are quite versatile and acquires a wealth of experience/skills needed to meet what you look for.

Our reliable handyman team save you a lot of time and help to simplify the process of spending days just looking for a suitable handyman that goes along with your budget and demands. Our team does it all for you instead and even sends them directly to your home. Decide on what are the services that you need and we’ll immediately assign one of our top ranked handyman team arrive to your place. Here is a series of things to look at that will help you pick the right handyman  team for you.


1. Check their work license and insurances

A reliable handyman that you look to hire needs to be properly licensed and have the right insurances - as requested by the federal governmental authorities in Dubai. These professionals must have a valid visa from a company along with a trade license with linked categories on their UAE residence visa. They must also process necessary insurance documents that are in place such as medical insurance, workmen compensation insurance and third-party liability insurance before working. This is mainly to safeguard the customers against any eventuality of being sued in case of an injury that could happen to personnel while delivering the service in the customer’s location.


2. Discuss the pricing method

Maintenance professional rates are usually charged per hour or by providing a rough price approximation for a choice of service agreed beforehand with the customer. Of course, there is always a series of pros and cons that come along with this. The handyman professionals that charge by the price approximation can have built in hidden charge in the rough estimate. To control that one should request to see a breakup of charges and perhaps to check independently the items within the list.

On the other hand, the handyman professionals that charge per hour usually try taking their time to receive an over charge payment charge – which would make sense why they want to work slower on purpose. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the clients hire a respectable company of handyman Dubai team rather than independent free lancers and pay a low wage to an employee that possibly ends up doing a shady job (because they possibly lack insurance & work licensing) – which can result in fines.


3. Write down your requirements

Before considering to hire handyman service Dubai, it is recommended that you write down a list of services that you need for your home or office. The maintenance professionals usually do all kinds of electrical, carpentry, small plumbing, installation of paintings, mirrors, chandeliers and assembly of furniture etc. These small tasks are vital as they can make the place look completely renovated while improving the aesthetics of the place drastically. It’s always recommended that you draw out a list of things you need done before looking to get a better pricing. This helps you save a lot of time by avoiding thinking on the spot as the handyman are with you wondering if you have missed out on anything.