Finding the right Maids: Quality VS Price

  • By McKleenz
  • 2024-03-19
  • Cleaning
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4 Tips to end your struggle & help you find the right maid service 

The perfect maids offer a balanced combination of quality and reasonable cleaning rates. Unrealistically priced maid services are a high-risk gamble with unforeseen implications that could mean trouble. Being able to hire decent maids, from a miserable one could be tricky at times but shouldn’t be a problem if you follow the following key tips.


A reputed maid service will always keep an eye on presentation and appearance. Torn, stained or mismatched uniforms are key signs of poor quality and lack of training. A professional maid service always takes care of the smallest details and even more, goes to a greater extent by ensuring that all the housemaids take care of their self-hygiene and are well-groomed at all times.


The next time you book a maid service, remember that you are hiring a stranger to enter your house and to perform a cleaning in your very own bedroom, baby room, and kitchen! All of which are private areas requiring proper care, attention, and most importantly trust! A large number of live-out maids are on visit visas and are actively searching for permanent jobs. During this period, they work illegally for small cleaning companies that pick them up randomly in order to save on employment expenses and to easily fire and hire based on work demand load without commitment or obligations.

Avoid any maid service with random cleaners that do not carry valid emirates ID and stay away from small companies who provide illegal maid cleaning services due to the major risks and consequences (including fines, imprisonment and deportation), in case of unforeseen circumstances such as injury, theft, etc.


Well-trained maids are able to demonstrate their professionalism from the moment they enter your house, no matter how challenging the cleaning assignment is. Skilled housemaids are able to perform hourly maid bookings in a timely manner whilst making sure that nothing is missed. As challenging as this seems, experienced and well-trained maids are able to tackle such assignments at ease and you should be able to tell the difference instantly. With this in mind you should be prepared to reject unprofessional or poor maid companies that tend to send in fresh and inexperienced trainees to experiment at your very own house.


Your first cleaning from a maid company must always be with the company’s tools and detergents. This is an excellent way of realizing if you are actually getting what you pay for. A professional company like McKleenz will always come in with a professional housekeeping trolley filled with sanitized color-coded towels and quality tools and detergents to ensure that you get the highest quality cleaning without compromise. On the other hand, low-quality companies will come in with a plastic bucket from the local grocery filled with used towels and sponges and possibly one or two off-the-shelf detergents.

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