6 Important Tips For Floor Polishing

  • By McKleenz
  • 2023-05-15
  • Marble Cleaning
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How magnificent it is to be so powerful and sensitive at the same time? It is the Marble that embraces those spectacular traits. From decorators, business owners, homeowners, government authorities, to interior designers, the most wanted kind of alluring stone to be applied to their properties is the marble. The types of marble reach more than 2500 and the availability of colors which covers the whole color spectrum give the purchaser the freedom of choice according to their taste.

Knowing the fact that marble is tough yet delicate, the buyer must have the knowledge of various marble tiles cleaning techniques before going through the polishing process. Here are 6 procedures buyers should avoid:

  1. Try not to utilize a totally doused mop to wipe spills or stains from the marble tiles as it can enable water to discharge from the material and adsorb between the elastic surfaces of the marble.
  2. Marble is an elastic permeable stone, so it is more likely to absorb fluids or solvents. It is ideal to abstain from using fabric mops soaked in waxy or viscous cleaning products. To avoid the buildup of the fluids getting assimilated into the structure of the marble stone, use dry clean clothes. Dry cleaning assures removing moist spots from the floor and preserves its crystal color.
  3. Acid based detergents damage and discolor marble tiles.
  4. Avoid cleaning with vinegar and milk.
  5. Heavy furniture are not recommended.
  6. Do not over-polish the marble floor.

Marble is a tough stone that can last a long time if it is routinely cleaned and kept up appropriately. The toughness of marble stones additionally relies on its quality. Factors, for example, the atmosphere, chemicals, warmth, and dampness assume a critical job in testing the perseverance of the stone.

Marble at your home or office needs to be properly maintained and clean regularly so it will shine for years. If you are facing problems in marble cleaning or marble maintenance you can hire McKleenz which is the best cleaning company in Dubai. In addition to cleaning service Dubai, We are also expert in Limestone Polishing and tiles Polishing.