Commercial Painting Services

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Commercial Painting Services In Dubai

Need to paint your office, shop, warehouse, or establishment? Not to worry! We’re here to help! We’ve got the perfect Dubai painters who understand your specific needs. Not certain on what colors to choose or what paint type works best for your property? Consult our paint experts and they’ll gladly guide you. Our painting services in Dubai is truly special because we pay attention to your requirement and go that extra mile to exceed your expectations. We value your insights more than anything and work hard to help you realize your dreams.

Hotel Painting Service 

Our hotel painting service is acquired by a large number of prestigious hotels in Dubai. This quality painting service pays particular attention to essential details and ensures your hotel’s classiness, freshness and hygiene by keeping the wall colors crisp and fresh is a definite must. After all, appearance is a self-advertising word of mouth. Guest rooms tend to require regular touch ups due to the high volume of visitors resulting in accidental wall marks or scratches particularly during check-in and check-out. The bathrooms tend to form fungus marks and may require anti-fungicidal paint. Our extremely presentable Dubai painters are trained for this and follow stringent safety measures while performing any wall touch ups or repainting requirements with least possible impact on your hotel operation.

School painting service

At McKleenz we understand that a quality painting service is more than just coating walls with layers of paint. Our school painting service, for instance, pays particular attention to the type of paint and the possible colors that may be applied in the classrooms and hallways all of which impact the children’s mood settings and overall health. Our painting service in Dubai takes all this into consideration and ensures that the end result is satisfactory and rewarding for the coming generations.


Warehouses must maintain a solid, attractive and appealing industrial ambience – this will reflect on your business positively. The warehouse floors and walls must be durable and washable. Our warehouse painting service in Dubai provided industrial wall paint and epoxy floor painting all of which are cost effective but keep your facility presentable and intact.