Valuable Tips On Choosing The Perfect Maids

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  • 2023-08-03
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Have you heard of any horrendous stories from friends or colleagues in Dubai on the behavior of unqualified maids in dubai? Hiring unreliable maids from untrusted sources has resulted in theft of valuable items without leaving a trace behind. Perhaps this worries, but what is more alarming is when you hear of child abuse that has been caught on surveillance in households when left alone with the kids.

After careful consideration and analysis by our expert supervisors in Dubai we carefully select and narrow down the choices to offer you the crème de brûlée choice of maids out of all. Allowing our customers to enjoy a pleasant experience and to keep life at ease. One of our firm’s mission is ensuring that the maid service dubai provided by our company is unique and trustworthy.

Here are a few checklists to tick off when it comes to selecting suitable maids:

Know what it is your looking for

You need to ask yourself and maybe even consider speaking to our company’s consultant to help to you select the right choice of maid for your household. Our company’s consultant may also help you eliminate the confusion of selecting the appropriate nationality, age and relationship status of your maid. Now the reason as to why some people might emphasize on the relationship status of your maid for instance is not for what you think it is for but it is usually due to some families preferring maids who are mums and who have sufficient experience in dealing/handling kids with care with caring motherly instincts that most moms acquire. Understanding whether you want someone that is full time to go by your busy schedule maybe you should determine if you need a part time or live in or live out maid. All this is important to acknowledge before thinking of selecting maids appropriately.

Presence and appearance

If you are a germaphobe for instance who is very paranoid from things lacking on hygiene especially with this entire COVID-19 pandemic situation someone’s cleanness and presence should play an important role of meeting the criteria. Sometimes just analyzing a person from head to toe can tell you everything about the person especially when it comes to maids. Someone for instance who has her nails clipped, looks well-groomed and her uniform cleanness can be enough of an indicator to tell you a lot about the level of her hygiene for instance. These small things are what usually factor in.

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Choose a High Quality and Personalized Maid Services

Always picking a company that is licensed and uses top quality products that are environmentally friendly is always a plus in which it indicates the professionalism level of a firm. Always make sure with the company if the maids continually keep clean at all times especially when they keep switching houses if they are working part time. It’s quite important to know such information when it comes to a third-party member being in your home especially with the COVID-19 as hygiene plays an enormous factor as they could be carriers of the virus and spread it to another household if they lack on hygiene. Now of course our company pay immense attention beforehand to that as it is our brand name we offer therefore take careful time in selecting our top-notch candidates that usually work with us to offer clientele unforgettable service.

Choose a Trustworthy and Reliable Maids

You must look for a reliable company that always limit the risk completely by screening their staff, providing highly trained maids of expertise. You must go for a cleaning company that is trustworthy and take your security and safety and own quite seriously. You have the right to ask the company's advisor to view her history of work and to request a one on one interview with each of the shortlisted maids.

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Interview your maid

Prepare a series of interview questions to ask that are usually competency-based questions to help you get a better understanding of how your desired maid of choice acts in certain situations, particularly around the kids when they are in and out of home for example. Ask a lot of questions to help you acknowledge and draw conclusions on the maid’s character/personality. Let’s say for instance the maid seems to be possibly troubled,  her behaviour in such a situation could end up scarring your kids emotionally, which is the last thing you would want to ever happen. Take these interview questions very seriously when it comes to narrowing down your selection, particularly when you know that the maid will be spending plenty of time around your children at home.

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