Organic Pesticides: The Preferred Natural Pest Control Choice

  • By McKleenz
  • 2023-06-09
  • Pest Control
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The McKleenz Pest Control team strives to become the leading green service provider in the market to promote a healthier eco-friendly pest control alternative. Our team use pesticides that are certified from the Ministry of Environment and water in the UAE.  Green and Organic pesticides are usually safer to use around pets and children bringing minimal null risk. It has efficacy in doing the job to kill the pests, Multi-purposeful as it’s safe to be utilized even around delicate areas. If you are in need to guard your garden’s plants from organic pests, then you should consider to hiring our Pest Control team. Below are a few options of the items preferred as organic pesticides:

Insecticidal soaps

Insecticidal soap is very different than any cleanser. Meanwhile, detergent is made from petroleum extraction via products, soap is one of the manifested goods of mixing oleic acid with potassium hydroxide. The subsequent chemical reaction results with insecticidal soap like the people back in the days did or the ancient Greeks. It’s quite important to use insecticidal soap while gardening to keep pests at bay.

Bugs have a fatty and waxy outer layer that shields them from invasions and supports them to keep moisture – just like with the human skin. This is vital to interpret how insecticidal soap functions as herbicide or insecticide. Insecticidal soaps are strong natural diluters that rapidly diffuse fat-based elements. The lather eliminates the insect’s shield coating making them quickly dry out. This is very impactful on soft bodied insects like as aphid control.


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Sticky traps

These traps – a fixed material of a certain color covered with a tacky material – used to capture insects that are allured to that color. To be functional, the trap must be adhesive and sanitary. Thus, utilize at least one trap – keep at plant elevated and close to the plant) every 3 -5 feet.

Oil sprays

Oil sprays effort by throttling pests. To be functional, the oil spray must directly hit the pest. To destroy insect pest eggs on the bare branches of trees during the dominant time of year. To handle growing herbs, we use a more refined agricultural oil named Summer, superior or supreme oil. Lighter oil vaporizes faster than undeveloped oils in which are less likely to injure plants. To evade plant destruction, do not spray any plants suffering from dampness stress. It is recommended to spray on hot days. Always make sure to examine the spray on just on a few leaves before you spray the full plants and wait for 2 days to ensure no leaf discoloration or spotting occurs.